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I made my first quilt in 1973 while pregnant with my second daughter. My mother and grandmother both quilted but had not taught me, so I really began from scratch. I wanted a quilt to cover her bassinet, it was awful but it kept her head from rubbing the woven bassinet. My next attempt was a crib quilt for her but I had no one to tell me how large to make it. I measured the mattress and made it that size. Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam with no room to cover the baby. It just lays flat on the mattress. To say I have learned a lot, is an understatement.

Friday, April 16, 2010


We just completed the 12th annual quilt shop hop. Quilters were out in force and having a ball. I have been thinking and trying to decide what it was that excited our customers so much. I am not certain that it was any one thing, but a lot of things.

One thing that I think was very important was our EXCLUSIVE fabric. Our beautiful music motif batik from Hoffman is filled with a song to sing. We sold over 450 yards in a very short time. We have placed a reorder and will have it in stock in July. If you would like some of this gorgeous fabric, please pre-order so we can be certain to hold it for you.

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