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I made my first quilt in 1973 while pregnant with my second daughter. My mother and grandmother both quilted but had not taught me, so I really began from scratch. I wanted a quilt to cover her bassinet, it was awful but it kept her head from rubbing the woven bassinet. My next attempt was a crib quilt for her but I had no one to tell me how large to make it. I measured the mattress and made it that size. Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam with no room to cover the baby. It just lays flat on the mattress. To say I have learned a lot, is an understatement.

Friday, November 12, 2010

VETERAN'S DAY - What a blast!

As I have said, Leavenworth has the largest Veteran's Day parade in the state, it goes on for several hours and is first class all the way. Of course, we have a huge contengency of veteran's here so it is not hard to feel good on this day.

Before I opened the store in the morning, I was looking outside at all the decorations up and down the street and feeling really good about all of it and made a decision that I wanted to make some people smile. And we did!

We gathered up some quilts and as the parade started, we watched for a veteran that struck our hearts. No rhyme or reason to the choices, just anyone who got to us. We had so much fun doing this that we ran back to the shop and grabbed more quilts to give away. Even pulled one from a window display.

I have only loaded a few of the photos here as I have not figured out how to download all of them from my new phone (hate technology). I wanted you to share the we joy we felt as we gave a tiny bit back to the people who provide our freedom.

This is a helicopter that was loaded on a flatbed and filled with Vietman Vets, I handed a flannel quilt to one of them and they were all so excited that I thought they were all going to fall out of the helicopter. They just kept saying 'thank you' and I did not seem to be able to get them to realize that it was I who was saying 'thank you'.

Here I am walking away from the car of another Vet to whom we gave a quilt.

Here Lynn is giving a quilt and receiving a hug from an active duty soldier and then if you look closely you see the huge smile on his face as he walks off clutching it to his chest.

Lynn gave this quilt to a female active duty soldier, her husband is also on active duty.

Doesn't she look happy?

We are all so busy leading our lives, we sometimes forget the joy we receive from quilting is something that should be spread around. This was a perfect example of "give and you will receive" as we all received far more joy than we gave away.

May God bless all who serve.


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